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Jpatrick McCann

Jpatrick McCann has led a varied life, he had a successful career in musical theatre in New York City and has spent years as a sought after event planner and designer, creating events for a wide array of clients both social and corporate.  As a designer, he has experimented with various painting materials to achieve different effects for scenic and event work for his diverse client base.

Following this path, McCann has developed a contemporary style using paints and other elements that are, at times, inherently non-compatible.  The end result is work that represents a lifestyle of great energy and depth.


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January 3rd

Punta Cana DR

January 28th

Delray Beach FL

February 4th

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February 19th

Atlanta GA

February 25th

Key West FL

March 22nd

Phoenix AZ

April 2nd

Augusta GA

April 16th


April 17th

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